Nervous in anticipation!!

Way back in July, I was busy training for the New Albany Challenge Duathlon when I got a call from Dorit that I had be selected to represent the City of Columbus and that I had an opportunity to go to Dresden and participate in the half marathon there. I was so excited.

That very week I had an ankle injury from over training for the New Albany Challenge. Unfortunately my doctor told me that I had to keep my leg in the boot for 3 weeks and no running for two weeks after that. That was a bummer. I kept my leg in the boot for a week (see pic), removed the boot on Sunday and participated in the duathlon and then wore the boot again. The doc does not know about this and I hope he does not see this blog 😉


 Well, after the duathlon I did listen to him and kept my leg in the boot for two weeks. Boot came off earlier this month and I am back in full training. In fact tomorrow I am participating in the Buckeye Challenge Duathlon in Springfield Ohio. Last year I came first in my age group (see pic). This year, I am not sure since I do not want to stretch myself and jeopardize my run in Dresden.


 Training is going on but it does not seem like the regular training. There is a lot of pressure since – (i) this is my first half outside the US, (ii) I am hoping to make a personal record, and (iii) if I succeed in a PR then I plan to do my first full and first ultra next year. There are some more crazy ideas in my mind right now but they are just there and they are getting stronger by the day. Like doing a 50K at an altitude of 18,000 ft. But well, without a ‘vision’ one is blind to ‘opportunities’. Right??

Looking forward to running in Dresden with my fellow ambassadors !!