Bugs. Ugh.

This weekend my husband and I went out of town with friends. We drove to New York and enjoyed a whirlwind winery and brewery tour. Needless to say, I didn’t do much running¬†Friday or Saturday (aka NONE). After a five hour car ride on Sunday, and pit-stop at my in-laws, we made it home. We were tired. We were hungry. And the last thing I wanted to do was run. So, I didn’t.

We grabbed dinner. Picked up the dog from the kennel. We even went to the park and played catch.

At 8:30pm, I decided it was time for a run. No excuses, right? So, I laced up my shoes (I really need new ones – that’s a post for another day), grabbed my watch, and out I went. Five minutes in – right as I was hitting my stride – a bug flew into my left eye. I stopped immediately, bent over, and my eyes watered so much, so quickly the bug literally popped out. Whew!

Not again!

Not again!

After a minute I shook it off and started a slow jog for a few minutes until¬†the unthinkable happened. Another bug flew into my eye (or maybe I ran into it?) – my right eye! Ugh. Two bugs, two eyes, one run?! This time the bug didn’t pop out. It was IN there. I could feel it. It was uncomfortable. As I jogged home I was thinking: is this the running gods punishing me for slacking off over the weekend?

An hour later – the bug finally came out. It wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t pleasant.

Lesson learned? Run earlier in the evening – preferably when I can wear my sunglasses. I do not want to experience that again!

Is this a regular occurrence for late evening runners? And more importantly, what kind of bugs are in Dresden?